Emotional Intelligence Profile

Emotional Intelligence is the missing link that turns personality into effective performance. The EIP3 is a powerful development tool that enhances the performance of individuals and leaders, creating sustainable change that drives business results.

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With over 25 years of research and validation, the Emotional Intelligence Profile has been used by over 20,000 leaders worldwide.

Based on the neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence, not only does EI predict job performance, we also know from research that EI can be improved through training. Research shows that EI is clearly related to key outcomes that help people thrive in their workplace and career. People higher in EI demonstrate:

  • Higher job performance
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • More organizational commitment
  • Better psychological well-being
  • Positive leadership impact
Using the EIP3 to assess and develop the Emotional Intelligence of your people and leaders will help you to:
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Create open, collaborative, and trust-based cultures
  • Build an emotionally resilient workforce
  • Develop a sustainable high-performance climate
  • Transform the interpersonal skills of technical experts
  • Focus talent development on the leadership qualities that are critical for future success
What is EI and how do we measure it?

We define EI as how a person manages their personality to be both personally and interpersonally effective. EI is made up of different parts, underpinned by our Attitudes that fuel our Feelings that drive our Behavior.

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The 16 scales of the EIP3 are structured within a six-part framework. This separates the scales into:

  • Personal Intelligence; having positive self-regard, being self-aware, and managing your behavior effectively.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence; having a positive regard for others, being aware of others and managing your relationships effectively.

Our model is unique in that it recognizes and measures Emotional Intelligence at the attitudinal level. We are able to unlock potential and enable sustainable change by identifying the underlying attitudes that underpin an individual’s thinking and feeling, which then drives their behavior.

Need us to bring our EI expertise to your organization? Emotional Intelligence in action

Our expertise in designing and delivering EI based development programs receives outstanding client feedback time-and-time again. For example, together with our client Seasalt, we recently developed its Leading People Program, entirely underpinned by Emotional Intelligence (EI). This program has so far helped over 40 senior leaders and the Leading People Program is recognized as a Learning Program of Excellence by the Learning and Performance Institute.


“It has been a real pleasure working with you. I’m looking forward to partnering with you again in the future.”

James Hampton, Learning & Development Manager, Seasalt

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