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Inspiring online assessments that help you quickly identify the talent best matched to your roles. Whether dealing with high or low candidate volumes, Hire will find your best matched candidate.

To find your best match you need the right combination of assessments. Assessments that give you results and insights that empower you to make the best screening and selection decisions – quickly, easily, and with confidence.

Cubiks Hire focuses on what’s most crucial to success in your organization, and for your specific roles. With a “best-match” score and group report ranking, Cubiks Hire empowers you to make data-driven hiring decisions quickly, so you stay ahead of your competition.

Get the complete candidate picture

With 6 assessment modules to select from, you can go beyond ability and gain insights into values & culture match, personality & workstyle, language fluency, and situational judgement.

  • Ability
  • Values & Culture
  • Personality & Workstyle
  • Language Fluency
  • Situation Judgement
  • Competency-Based Video Interviewing

Why use Cubiks Hire?
  • Get the best personalized solution: Our skilled consultants will configure the best Hire solution for your organization and your specific roles.
  • Quickly find your best match: Hire’s overall “best-match” score enables you to make objective decisions, quickly and with confidence.
  • Let your brand sing: Bring your Hire solution to life and build candidate engagement with your own branding, imagery, and videos.
  • Meaningful candidate experience: Deliver meaningful candidate assessments and insightful feedback.
  • A smart solution, for any number: Whether you’re managing 20 or 20,000 candidate applications, Hire gives your candidates a great experience and gives you your best-match.
  • Trust our science and rigor: Sophisticated science, in a simple-to-use system. Built on extensive in-house psychometric intelligence with validation and insights from over 300 million data points.

The combination of testing my suitability and providing information on the company really made me feel like the hiring process was a mutual decision: They didn’t just choose me, I chose them as well.

No matter how many applicants you have, Hire gives your candidates a great experience, and finds you your Best Match.

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