Flexible online competency based interview generator

CBI-Smart is a flexible online competency based interview generator, enabling you to create structured interviews with interview questions that relate directly to the essential competencies that have been identified as key to effective performance. Structured interviews, such as competency based interviews (CBIs), have been found to be more than twice as effective as unstructured interviews at predicting a candidate’s performance in a given role.

We offer a complete range of competency based interview solutions, including training in competency design and interviewing skills.

CBI-Smart – Online Interview Builder

With CBI-Smart, interviewers can quickly and easily create Competency Based Interview Guides from a database of over 1,000 proven CBI questions, assessing 35 popular competencies.

Access Competency Based Interview questions created by our expert Business Psychologists and generate Interview Guides, online, in just a few minutes.

  • Over 1,000 interview questions to choose from
  • Apprenticeship to Senior Executive level interviews
  • Create a professional Interview Guide in minutes
  • Archive your interviews for reference and re-use
  • Employer branding options
  • Multilingual capability for global implementation
  • Ability to import your own competency framework
  • Mobile and tablet responsive

Is CBI-Smart right for me?

CBI-Smart has been designed to make interviewing better and easier for everyone, with tips and guidance offered throughout the interviewing and marking process.

Latest features include the ability to produce interview guides in multiple languages, import your own competency framework and access your guides on a laptop, tablet or mobile device. So now you can make your interviewing process truly global with assessors interviewing at any location, in any language and on any device!

Whether you’re conducting a CBI interview on its own or as part of an Assessment or Development Centre, CBI-Smart offers reliable and objective evidence with which to make a confident selection decision, time and time again.

Bespoke Interview Solutions

Combine the benefits of CBI-Smart with your own established interview practices. Interviewers can save time and improve interview standards by accessing your unique interview materials, online, anywhere in the world.

Learn more about our bespoke competency based interview solutions.

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