Business Sim®

Engaging multimedia group exercises

Business Sim® video group discussion exercises offer a new way of delivering group based assessments by digitally presenting various displays of information throughout the exercise for participants to act upon and discuss during the exercise. For participants, this provides a high-fidelity, challenging, immersive and engaging experience. For assessors, it allows scoring of a wide range of behaviors in a truly dynamic and realistic environment.

Why use Business Sim?

Realistic, Dynamic and Engaging

Generates and displays changing information and realistic scenarios for participants to respond to during the group discussion exercise, providing a positive and dynamic candidate experience.

Cutting Edge

Presents and updates information during the group discussion exercises in contemporary communication formats including email, social media, instant messages and video.

Saving You Time and Money

Minimal facilitation is needed, saving you time as well as the costly resource of role-players.

Accuracy and Consistency

The group discussion exercise content is pre-recorded, removing the risk of human error and giving you consistency across multiple centers.


Multimedia assessments have been shown to have higher levels of validity and have lower subgroup differences than paper-based assessments.

Why go bespoke?

We’ll work with you to design exercises that are aligned to your organization’s branding and context, giving your candidates a realistic job preview during their assessment centre.

Ready-to-use Business Sim exercises

Now, our world renowned AC-EXS® range offers two ready-to-use Business Sim group discussion exercises:

Graduate (Level B) – Greengates Marketing Initiative

In this exercise participants assume the role of Graduates taking part in a Graduate Scheme at Greengates, a multinational supermarket retailer. The Graduates have been asked to form a working group by Camille Thomas, the Marketing Director. The purpose of the working group is to review and provide recommendations around a number of proposed initiatives for Greengates that relate to healthy living, whilst taking in new information about Greengates’ competitors and reacting to this. Total exercise time = 60mins.

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Middle Management (Level D) – Business Manager Meeting

In this exercise participants assume the role of Business Managers within Alpha Plastics; one of the UK’s most successful plastics manufacturing companies. The Business Managers are attending a Group Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss some issues for Alpha Plastics and to provide recommendations to resolve each one. The issues to be discussed cover customer service, competitor activity and a production issue. Participants must respond to new information about each of the issues presented via the Business Simulation video during their discussion. Total exercise time = 60mins.

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Note that this exercise can be used in conjunction with our popular paper-based Analysis Exercise, ‘Global Expansion Project,’ which is set in the same fictional company.

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