Bus Operator Selection System (BOSS)

BOSS assesses critical aspects of a bus operator’s job performance

Bus Operator Selection System (BOSS) is a selection system consisting of a pre-employment screening survey and structured interview process that have provided selection guidance on over 100,000 candidates for transit agencies nationwide.  According to our research findings, bus operators are primarily responsible for being there, being safe, and being courteous – BOSS assesses these critical aspects of a bus operator’s job performance.

In a nationwide study of bus operators sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and conducted by the consultants at PSI, we found that the top candidates on the BOSS had:

  • 7 fewer absences per operator per year
  • 1 fewer accident per 6 operators hired

The resulting net savings (after subtracting the costs associated with using the BOSS) for transit agencies of various sizes would be:

Number Hires Per Year Net Savings Per Year

The BOSS comes in two versions: BOSS and BOSS Plus. Both the BOSS and BOSS Plus screening surveys focus on several important variables related to effective bus operator performance.  In addition, the BOSS Plus includes a customer service score which helps you identify individuals who will assist you in selecting operators who are more focused on rider satisfaction.

The BOSS can also be used with trolley operators. The same core competencies apply to trolley operator position – being there, being safe, and being courteous.

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