ATK Assessment Toolkit

Secure storage and live scoring for your interviews and assessments

The Assessment Toolkit is an online solution designed to ensure that interviews and assessment exercises are delivered consistently and in line with best practice, whilst also giving hiring managers and resourcing professionals the autonomy to build and create their own assessments.

Why use ATK®?

ATK is a bespoke assessment toolkit, that can be managed and run by you. You can grow and adapt it as your requirements change, adding new materials and amending content such as questions and exercises.

Saving you time and money

Cut your workload by up to half by managing everything online.

Keeping everything in one place

Hold all of your organization’s interview questions and assessment exercises online in one easy to access place.

Ensuring a consistent approach

Enables line managers to follow consistent and best practice methodology and scoring.

Facilitating live scoring

Via tablet or laptop, saving paper and allowing you to automate feedback.

Giving you powerful data

Provides analytics at the touch of a button.

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