Emotional Intelligence Profile 360

Explore the missing link between personality and effective performance with 360 feedback.

With over 25 years of research and validation, the EIP 360 is based on the Emotional Intelligence Profile which has been used by over 30,000 leaders worldwide.

Based on the neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence, not only does EI predict job performance, we also know from research that EI can be improved through training. Research shows that EI is clearly related to key outcomes that help people thrive in their workplace and career. People higher in EI demonstrate:

  • Higher job performance
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • More organizational commitment
  • Better physical, mental and psychosomatic health
  • Positive leadership impact

The EIP 360 enables individuals to assess themselves against the six core elements of our Emotional Intelligence framework and compare their self-assessment with how their colleagues, line manager, direct reports, peers, and other key stakeholders may experience them.

Using the EIP 360 to assess and develop the Emotional Intelligence of your people and leaders will help you to:
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Provides individuals with meaningful insight into their performance in the workplace
  • Create open, collaborative and trust-based cultures
  • Build an emotionally resilient workforce
  • Develop a sustainable high-performance climate
  • Transform the interpersonal skills of technical experts
  • Focus talent development on the leadership qualities that are critical for future success

Build a deeper understanding of individual strength and development areas. Using the EIP360 means you can:

  • Capture feedback confidentially and anonymously
  • Learn how self-assessment of Emotional Intelligence compares to other people’s perceptions of our Emotional Intelligence
  • Identify Emotional Intelligence strengths, development areas, potential and blind spots
  • Pinpoint item-by-item analysis to identify development opportunities

Learn more about what Emotional intelligence is and how we measure it.

EIP 360 Reports
EIP 360 Individual Report

The EIP360 Individual Report collects and evaluates perceptions of an individual’s interpersonal effectiveness. The report provides individuals with a platform to gather feedback from a group of individuals to provide an indication of performance from which strengths and development areas can be built.

EIP 360 Group Report

The EIP360 Group Report summarises the results from a selected group of respondents who completed the EIP360 questionnaire. The report is a useful tool to provide teams with an indication of group performance and provide a platform from which an accurate picture of group strengths and development areas can be built.


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