PSI 16pf® Sixth Edition

Backed by 70+ years of psychometric science, this single assessment unlocks a variety of application-specific reports designed to measure the 20 work-related competencies and 16 primary factors of personality that predict on-the-job success.

Science with a proven history meets powerful modern technology.

Delivered exclusively on PSI’s industry leading talent management platform, the new PSI 16pf® Sixth Edition combines over 70 years of psychometric assessment science with innovative cloud testing technology to create an engaging candidate experience and empower global businesses with the right data to make better human capital decisions.

Trusted for reliable science. Enhanced by advanced technology.

Already one of the most widely-used, highly-reliable assessments, the PSI 16pf® Sixth Edition leverages the latest in emerging technologies and data science to enhance the user experience and insight accuracy with a mobile-friendly assessment, secure global cloud-based delivery, and the implementation of Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT).

Now better than ever, the PSI 16pf® helps hiring managers:

  • Understand a candidate’s behavior patterns through personality traits
  • Identify key personality characteristics that contribute to on-the-job success
  • Provide clear insights into a candidate’s expected performance
  • Create a legally defensible hiring process
  • Recognize a candidate’s potential for leadership and preferred leadership style
  • Conduct interviews and create employee development plans, based upon individualized assessment results

Build your perfect talent solution.

Through PSI’s versatile assessment platform, the PSI 16pf® can easily be combined with other assessments or integrated with any number of PSI’s innovative HR tools such as video interviewing, True-to-Life™ situational judgement tests, and virtual desktop simulations to create a holistic solution for your organization’s specific needs.

Assessment details

  • Measures 20 work-related competencies across 16 primary factors, and 5 Global factors used to predict on-the-job success
  • 155 multiple choice personality items
  • 10-20 deductive reasoning items delivered via computer adaptive testing (CAT)
  • 20-30 minute approximate time to complete assessment
  • Normed on a stratified random sample of more than 2,528 adults based upon the 2015 American Community Survey published by the U.S. Census.
  • Instrument Language: English – US, UK, AUS*
  • Report Language: English – US Only*

*Additional languages available soon.

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