16pf® Psychological Evaluation Questionnaire Interpretive Report (PEQ-I)

is both an in-depth normal personality assessment and a quick screen for psychopathology-related patterns of behavior

The 16pf Psychological Evaluation Questionnaire (16pf PEQ™) provides a multidimensional profile of your client. Applications for this questionnaire include:

Conditional-offer selection to screen applicants for high-risk positions
Fitness-for-duty evaluations
Intake screenings
General clinical assessments
Clinical counseling strategy development.

The 16pf PEQ is a two-part questionnaire with 325 items that takes approximately 75 to 90 minutes to administer. Part 1 is the normal personality section that consists of the 16pf Questionnaire’s 185 items and Part 2 includes 140 pathology-oriented items.

There are two interpretive reports that can be generated from the 16pf PEQ: the 16pf Psychological Evaluation Report and the 16pf Protective Services Report Plus.

® 16pf is a registered trademark of the Institute for Personality and Ability Testing, Inc. (IPAT) in the USA, the European Community and other countries. IPAT is a subsidiary of Performance Assessment Network, Inc. (PAN).

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