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How To Mitigate Candidate Concerns With Online Proctoring

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The COVID-19 crisis brought about the most sudden and dramatic shift in test delivery that we have ever witnessed. Many test sponsors that deliver high-stakes assessments, whether as part of critical certification or credentialing programs or in higher education, were forced with a binary choice of moving testing online or stop testing. Many organizations chose the former and moved with agility to adopt online proctoring in weeks, rather than the typical deliberations and roll out over months or years.

How To Continue To Manage A Successful Work-Life Balance

August 4, 2020
Rachel Reid, Consultant

The Power Of Vulnerability: 3 Phrases That Enhance Collaboration

July 30, 2020
Lindsay K. Beers, Consulting Associate

A Guide To Going Multi-Modal With Testing

July 21, 2020
Rory McCorkle, Senior Vice President, Certification & Education Services

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