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Emotional Intelligence And Mindfulness – A Powerful Alliance For Great Leaders

Sophie Seex, Principal Consultant, PSI Talent Management International

The relationship between EI and mindfulness is now well established. The Harvard Business Review’s Emotional Intelligence Series includes mindfulness, and more organisations are following the example of Google who has run its aptly named “Search Inside Yourself” mindfulness based EI programme for many years.

Understanding Leadership In Today’s Manufacturing Industry

September 20, 2019
Steven Jarrett, Ph.D., Senior Consultant

A Data-Driven Approach To Healthcare Certification

September 19, 2019
Scott Hazlett, Vice President, Business Development

The New Career Ladder – Mindset Vs Skill Set And The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

September 19, 2019
Bill Davies, Principal Consultant, PSI Talent Management International

What Makes A Good Interview? A Good Interviewer

September 16, 2019
Cassandra Walter, Consulting Associate, PSI Pittsburgh

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