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Are Micro-Credentials Worth It? Your Questions Answered.

Dr. Isabelle Gonthier, Senior Vice President of Assessment Services at PSI

As a credentialing organization, how can you be sure that adding a micro-credential to your offering will be worth the investment and effort? This blog covers some of the key considerations for any organization considering a new micro-credential. Including the potential benefits for employers, employees and the organizations that deliver them.

PSI – September 26, 2022

HiSET® Has A New Home

Tanya Haug
National Senior Director, HiSET Program

PSI – September 6, 2022

How Has The Testing Landscape Changed For State Licensure?

Alon Schwartz
Senior Vice President, Licensure PSI Services

Talogy – Apr 27, 2022

Technology and psychology in practice: a stronger way of assessing talent

Dr. Ted Kinney
Talogy Vice President, Research & Development

Talogy – Mar 13, 2022

Introducing Talogy

Peter Celeste
Talogy President

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english language testing

English proficiency tests for life and study

  • Skills for English tests are approved by the Home Office for UK visa applications and widely accepted by educational institutions for academic admissions

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  • The first step toward earning a High School Equivalency credential, recognized by every U.S. state, territory and jurisdiction

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